Getting Started

Campaign Objectives

Brand Awareness - Increase awareness of your brand or product
Conversions - Drive valuable actions on your website
Video Views - Increase views for your video
App Installs - Drive installs for your mobile app
Traffic - Drive traffic to your website

Delivery for the New World

Ad Placement
Grow your business with ‘watch and respond' campaigns on WeAre8.

Ad Position
On WeAre8, users (known as 8Citizens) will receive a notification inviting them to watch ads, they will have the option to opt-in and watch brand ads over the top, via their own link, on their own terms - guaranteeing the attention of the people you want to reach.

Ad Format
A full screen vertical video ad experience (we also accept landscape), followed by questions that allow for valuable, qualitative and quantitative insights. A call-to-action (CTA) tile then invites your audience to click through to the landing page of your choice.

Creating An Account

Create a Campaign

Ads that run through WeAre8’s SAM-i are structured into 3 parts: ‘Campaigns', ‘Ad Sets', and ‘Ads'. Understanding how your campaigns are structured will help you better set up target audiences, allocate your budget, and design creative.

Create an account

Setting Up A Campaign

The first step to running ads through WeAre8’s SAM-i is to create a ‘Campaign'. You will need to determine your campaign objectives (or goal), which are the final results you want your ads to achieve.

1. Name your campaign
2. Enter your brand information
(Name and Logo will be pre-filled)
3. Select your campaign's objective

Choose Objective to Optimise your Campaign Process.
Your advertising objective is what you want to achieve on WeAre8, therefore selecting the right objective is important for WeAre8 to optimise the success of your campaign.

You may choose one objective per campaign.

You may select one area of impact and charity for your campaign.

Once you've chosen the area of impact, you may select the charity. Either from the listed options or you may request to add a charity through our Moderation Help Desk.

Ad Sets

The basic steps for setting up your ad set:
1. Name your ad set
2. Build a new audience or retarget a previously existing audience
+ If you build a new audience, select gender, age, location, and create new custom audiences when you create questions for your campaign.
3. Implement the 8Pixel, please ensure your campaign objective is either set to ‘conversions’ or ‘traffic’.
For more information visit 8Pixel
4. Confirm your campaign budget and timing
5. Start creating ads

Within each campaign you are able to create multiple ad sets. You will define your audience targeting, implement the 8Pixel, confirm campaign budget, and timing at the ad set level.

Unite your 8Citizens

On WeAre8, you have the unique opportunity to reach 8Citizens when they are most engaged on their own terms. Targeting on WeAre8’s SAM-i offers numerous options: including or excluding custom audiences from your previous campaigns, demographic and device type. Along with age, gender and interests. Unlock your WeAre8 Audience today!

Narrow in on your desired audience using age, gender and device type.

Location targeting is currently limited to your country only. Leave this blank if you wish to target all regions in your country, otherwise, you may enter regions of your choice.

Existing Target Audience
You may do this once you have run a campaign on WeAre8. Don’t forget to create your custom audiences when you create questions for your campaign.

You may enable this feature to activate tracking of page views on your website. If you want to track additional conversions you need to set campaign objective to conversions or traffic and select the conversion event you want to track. We do not currently support Google Tag Manager implementation but this is coming soon so please work with your web developer to implement the pixel.

You can find more detailed implementation instructions in the 8Pixel section.

Campaign Timing & Budget
Select the start and end dates for your campaign, along with the Budget allocated to your ad.

Campaigns must run for a minimum of two days. Manage how much you’ll pay per campaign and WeAre8’s SAM-i will then automatically calculate the daily budget using your total budget and ad set start & end dates. Making ad spend count.

Your campaign budget is split into three categories:
1. 8Citizen Payment: number of guaranteed completed video views x £0.10
2. Charity Donation: number of guaranteed completed video views x £0.01
3. Distribution Costs: number of guaranteed completed video views x £0.09
*Based on a 30 second video ad.

Ad upload

Creating your ad is super simple. All you have to do is name your ad in your ad set, upload your creatives and establish your questions!
WeAre8's SAM-i currently supports only video ad formats. The 8Community can opt-in to watch an ad and respond to customised questions.

Name Your Ad Name
This helps you distinguish between ads within your ad group. The ad name is only for your reference and is not part of your ad.

Upload Your Brand Video Ad
This is the brand video ad to which people will watch & respond. We accept video ads up to 2 minutes in length, 16:9 Aspect Ratio.

Pro Tips for Video Ads:
> Use Subtitles & Sound in your videos
> 16:9 Aspect Ratio

Instant Response through WeAre8 Questions
Every brand ad also enables you to ask your target questions to the 8Community.

We recommend between 1-3 questions per Ad, each with no more than 100 characters. You may create your own questions or may customise based on our provided examples in our Question Bank

Add Call-to-Action
A Call-To-Action increases the chance of the 8Community making an action after watching the ad, whether it’s to learn more, browse your website or sign a petition.
First, upload a Call-To-Action image (1:1 Aspect Ratio). If you do not upload an image, please upload your logo.
Second, paste the link where you would like people to click-through, upon finishing the watch and respond ad.
Lastly, you also have the option to customise your CTA button and add a discount code for participants to use on your product.

Call-to-Action URL Tracking
We accept utm links and click trackers. We don’t currently support utm macros.

Third-Party Tracking
We currently support Google Double-Click 1x1 Javascript pixels - Feel free to insert your Javascript code in the third-party tracking box and check your tag is firing!

Question Bank

On WeAre8, you will have the unique opportunity to ask your target audience between 1-3 questions at the very moment that they are fully engaged. Questions can help land key campaign messaging, create audience segments or inform future strategies.

We recommend having between 1-3 questions prepared for each ad. You are able to customise your questions in the Ads section when creating a campaign.

The 5 types of questions on WeAre8’s SAM-i:
Viewer Sentiment (emoji panel) ☹️ 🙁 😕 🙂 😃
Select All That Apply
Short Answer

Be sure to check your spelling and grammar.
Please keep in mind that your questions will be moderated during our review process. If your questions contravene any of our policies, your ad will be disapproved and you will be asked to amend.

If you’re unsure of what questions to ask, feel free to use any of our sample questions!

Don't forget to create custom audiences, you may tag responses to each question with custom keywords in order to retarget in future campaigns. Select the response you want to tag, and type the 'create a tag' in the field.

For Viewers Sentiment, please note you will need to create the tags as followed:
☹️ - Very Unhappy
🙁 - Unhappy
😕 - Neither happy or unhappy
🙂 - Happy
😃 - Very Happy

Sample Questions / Best Practice
No more than 100 characters (including spaces) in the questions
You can choose up to 10 answers for Multiple Choice / Select All That Apply
Include 'None of the above', ‘Maybe’ or ‘Unsure’ where relevant in Multiple Choice / Select All That Apply
Yes/No and Multiple Choice questions are the most accessible for 8Citizens
Short Answer response, keep the question simple and try to minimise the amount of times asked in an Ad
Viewer Sentiment questions are also easy and enjoyable to answer

Determine your objective for these questions, are you looking for brand sentiment, ad performance or brand impact?


Brand Impact

Ad Performance

Reporting in your Dashboard

Track performance as you go, optimising your ads. When your campaign ends, reflect on the transformational results WeAre8 delivers alongside the automatic social and environmental impact your campaign had.

With WeAre8’s SAM-i, we make all campaign data accessible and results-driven. There are some features that provide you with a snapshot of your data and extensive details of each campaign. For quick snapshots of each campaign, ad set, and ad, head to WeAre8’s SAM-i Dashboard - Manage Campaigns.

For quick snapshots of each campaign, ad set, and ad, head to WeAre8's SAM-i Dashboard - Campaigns Page. "Filter" and select from the different criteria to refine and view only those campaigns you're looking for (select from active, inactive, or expired campaigns). Easily change selected criteria or combine multiple criteria to refine further.

For more extensive details of each ad, head to the “Reporting” page from either the “Home” page or the menu on the left-hand side. You may use the search bar to find the desired campaign name you’re looking for.

Click on the specific campaign in your WeAre8’s SAM-i Dashboard for a detailed performance breakdown.

Your Dashboard Metrics

Enter your campaign reporting panel, where you will uncover a summary of your campaign highlights.
> Valued, paid, and built relationships with 8Citizens.
> Impacted and contributed a percentage of your media spend to your chosen charity.
> You have offset X tonnes of carbon emissions.

Upon scrolling, you can filter your dashboard to be viewed as an ‘Overview’ or tracking by ‘Demographics’.

You may filter your results by gender, device, location, age, and date. After you select your desired filters, scroll to view specific metrics on the campaign:

Viewed offer (number of 8Citizens who saw the offer)
Accepted offer
(number of 8Citizens who accepted offer)
Completed offer
(number of 8Citizens who watched the video and answered all questions)
(cost per completed video view)
Click Through Rate
(number of 8Citizens who clicked on the call to action)
(Amount of media spend spent to date vs budget)
(Only applicable if you have activated the 8Pixel in campaign set up)

Upon scrolling, you will be able to view the responses to your campaign's question. Here you are able to view and download the responses to review in more detail.

Campaign Demographic allows you to view your audience breakdown through age, location, gender in a much granular way.


What is the 8Pixel?
The 8Pixel is a piece of code that you can place on your website to track action and activity of WeAre8 citizens after they have watched a brand video via our platform. The data collected by the pixel is used by our platform for reporting back to you, to help you better optimise your campaign delivery, effectiveness and for retargeting.

How does the 8Pixel work?
The 8Pixel measures a range of actions that directly tie back to business goals like driving product views, leads, subscriptions, or purchases.

Having an 8Pixel setup allows you to track customer events; so after a person has watched a brand video via our platform, and takes action, the 8Pixel tracks that event and allows you to attribute your brand video to their actions. As the 8Pixel measures more conversion events, WeAre8 learns more about the types of people who are most likely to take similar actions with your brand, allowing you to unlock conversion optimisation for your campaigns.

What data does the 8Pixel collect?
The 8Pixel collects information available in all standard web browsers like Chrome, Safari etc. More particularly the information collected includes:

> Ad & Event information: Information about the specific event that was triggered after the customer first lands on your destination url (PageViews, Purchases, Subscriptions/Sign Ups).
Timestamp: The specific time that the pixel event was fired. This is used to determine when website actions took place, like when a page was viewed, when a product was purchased, etc.
> ​IP Address: Used to determine the geographic location of an event.
> ​User info: Used to determine the device make, model, operating system and browser information.

Technical Requirements
Access to your website code base is required as you will need to manually add the pixel code directly in your website. You will also need an activated SAM-i account with the 8Pixel ID generated specifically for you.  You can find more detailed implementation instructions below.

Additionally, cookies must be enabled as whenever a customer visits your website after watching a brand video, a cookie will be placed in their browser.

Please find the WeAre8 cookie policy here.
Please find the WeAre8 privacy policy here.

8Pixel Set Up page
You can find the implementation instructions in your WeAre8’s SAM-i Account.

You can use the 8Pixel to track visits to your website. You will find more information at a later step. Read more about the pixel in the documentation page.
Campaign Set-Up
Campaign Objective > Traffic

You can use the 8Pixel to track visits and specific user actions on your website.
Campaign Objective > Conversions