WeAre8 has re-imagined advertising to place consumers at the centre of the 550 Billion dollar industry by putting money into people's wallet after watching an ad.

WeAre8 empowers billions of people and thousands of brands to come together in a place free of judgement and hate, enabling love, solidarity, economic empowerment and positive action to solve the worlds biggest problems.

We’ve created our WeAre8 Sustainable Ad Manager - intelligent (SAM-i) which provides you with the opportunity to increase brand awareness, engagement, along with people putting money back into people's wallets.

By engaging the WeAre8 Community directly, you build respect and trust. Better still - a portion of every ad spend goes to causes your brand cares About - and that is something your audience cares about!

WeAre8 delivers your ads directly to opted-in, targeted citizens.

With SAM-i, brands have the opportunity to create and track a direct relationship with citizens. From our unique platform, targeting capabilities, ad customisation, insightful reporting, and charity feature - SAM-i offers you a transformative, yet easy-to-use platform.

This enables your brand to prioritise people and make impact, without sacrificing on media ROI.

Why Use SAM-i?

Guaranteed Fully Completed Video Views

The industry view through rate for a video ad is 50%. On WeAre8 we only count your video view when it is 100% completed, therefore delivering 100% VTR.
How is this possible you may ask? WeAre8’s community opt-in to receive paid brand ads, at the time that suits them.
Citizens must watch the video ad in full followed by answering the campaign questions in order to receive payment.

WeAre8's Unique Ad Format and Question Feature

We serve ads for people, rather than to them. We believe people have the right to be conscious of the ads they consume, rather than bombard them with brand messages in their social feeds.

The 8Community will receive push notifications inviting them to watch ads via their own link, on their own terms - guaranteeing the attention of the people you want to reach.

This is where it gets exciting! Your brand is able to ask between 1-3 personalised questions per video ad. Tracking in real-time people's responses in your very own reporting dashboard.

Samples, tips and tricks on WeAre8's Questions here.

WeAre8's Precise Targeting

Customising your target audience has never been easier.

On WeAre8 you can target your audience by gender, location, age, interests, and operating system. On top of this, you are able to retarget people created from your audience segments create in previously run campaigns - utilising the unique capabilities of advertising on WeAre8.

Sustainable Advertising for the Greater Good

With every ad spend, your brand can make a real impact. On WeAre8, 50% of your total budget goes to your consumers and 6% goes to a Charities of your choice and offsets carbon!

Moving 6.5% of your digital media budget through WeAre8’s platform, you can ensure your entire digital spend is carbon neutral.

Ad Sets

Within each campaign you will have multiple ad sets, which will enable you to define your target, select your budget and ad timing. You can set specific target audiences, campaign budgets, and schedule each ad set at the ‘Ad Set' stage.

Here are the basic steps for setting up your ad set:

1. Name your ad set

2. Choose build a new audience or retarget a previously existing audience

+ If you build a new audience, select gender, age, location, and affinities.

3. Set up campaign timing

4. Set up campaign budget

5. Select your charity

6. Start creating ads

You will be able to view previews of your ad campaign exactly as it will look when running on our platform.

Your ads must be in video format as people ‘watch and respond’.

For ad specifications, please refer to Video & Image Specs.

Advertising Policies

To ensure that all content is running in a brand-safe environment for both advertisers and consumers,
WeAre8 has a dedicated Ad Moderation team to ensure your ad complies with WeAre8's Ad Policies and applicable Laws and
Regulations in corresponding countries/regions.

Read more on our advertising policies here