Creating 8Magic on SAM-i

Ads that run through WeAre8’s SAM-i are structured into 3 parts: ‘Campaigns', ‘Ad Sets', and ‘Ads'. Understanding how your campaigns are structured will help you better set up target audiences, allocate your budget, and design creative.

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Setting Up A Campaign

The first step to running ads through WeAre8’s SAM-i is to create a ‘Campaign'. You will need to determine your campaign objectives (or goals), which are the final results you want your ads to achieve.

Please note, you are only able to choose one objective per campaign.

Your brand name will be prefilled, but you may edit it.

1. Name your campaign
2. Enter your brand information (Name and Logo will be pre-filled)
3. Select your campaign's objective
You can choose from the objectives of brand awareness, conversions, video views, traffic, or app installs.

Choosing An Objective

Choose Objective to Optimize your Campaign Process.

Your advertising objective is what you want to achieve on WeAre8, therefore selecting the right objective is important for WeAre8 to optimise the success of your campaign.

You may choose one objective per campaign from the list below:

• Brand Awareness
Increase awareness of your brand or product

• Conversions
Drive valuable actions on your website

• Video Views
Increase views for your video

• App Installs
Drive installs for your mobile app

• Traffic
Drive traffic to your website