Create Your Account

A WeAre8 Business account is how you can create, manage, and track campaigns through WeAre8. You must create an account through HERE.

In order to create a WeAre8 Business account, you must comply with our Terms and Conditions.

Please keep in mind that you are only able to create one account per brand.

Follow these steps to create your account:

Go to this page

• Brand Logo: Following file specification guidelines.

Business Name: The name of your business or store.

Country: This is the country in which you will be targeting users.

Time Zone: We will use this when you schedule your campaigns.

Email: Be sure to use a company domain email address.

Password: Must contain one uppercase letter, one digit and be at least 6 characters.

Congrats, you did it! You have successfully completed your Business account setup.

Confirm Your Account

You will receive an email to confirm your account before beginning to start advertising on WeAre8.

WeAre8 Ad’s Checklist:

1. Remember your WeAre8 Business account email address and password.

2. Designate a point-person to manage your account. WeAre8 enables only one account per business. We will not provide multiple accounts for your business.

3. Add funds to your account and set up your campaign.

4. Follow @WeAre8Official on Twitter and Instagram to stay connected and updated.