Ad Sets

Creating Ad Sets allows you to set specific target audiences, campaign budgets, and schedule each ad set.

Set 1 : Ad Set ‘Name'

In the "Name" section, you need to fill out details related to the specific ad set you’re creating.

Step 2: Target Audience

Targeting on WeAre8 SAM-i offers numerous options: including or excluding custom audiences from your previous campaigns, demographic and device type, along with age, gender and interests.
Please see Ad Targeting (link) for more options

• Gender: Male, Female, Non-Binary, Prefer Not to Say

• Age: 13-17, 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65+

• Location(s): Location targeting is currently limited to your country only. Leave this blank if you wish to target all regions in your country, otherwise, you may enter regions of your choice.

• Include/Exclude Target Audience: You may do this once you have run a campaign on WeAre8
Note: Custom audiences will appear only if you have already created them in previous campaigns. You can create new custom audiences when you create questions for your campaign.

Step 3: Campaign Timing & Budget

Select the start and end dates for your campaign. Campaigns must run for a minimum of two days, along with the Budget allocated to your ad.

•Total Budget here: Specify the total budget you are allocating to the campaign. WeAre8 SAM-i will then automatically calculate from your total budget and campaign start & end dates the daily budget.

Your campaign budget is split into three categories:

• Consumer Payment: number of guaranteed consumers (based on target audience) x £.10.

• Charity Donation: number of guaranteed consumers (based on target audience) x £.01.

• Distribution Costs: number of guaranteed consumers (based on target audience) x £.06.

*30 second video example.

Step 5: Charity Selection

We deliver results against your full media budget, but 5% of your campaign budget is donated to the charity of your choice. This creates a very positive halo effect.
You may select the area of impact and charity for your campaign.

There are 8 areas of impact for you to choose from:

a. Climate

b. Poverty

c. Health

d. Education

e. Equality

f. Water

g. Peace

h. Animal Welfare

Once you've chosen the area of impact, you may select the charity, either from the listed options or you may add a charity.

a. Please visit Charities on WeAre8 for more information